I’d like to give you a totally honest answer as that is the best way for you to understand the customer feeling and make any adjustments if and where necessary.

Firstly, to put you at ease, this was the best ever holiday we went on, so we thank you very much.

Itinerary.  We shopped around and combined what we as amateurs saw to get the most out of our trip to be included in the itinerary. We think you put our requests into a realistic and professional order and we were more than satisfied with the result.

I think activities goes hand in and with the itinerary. Looking back, we were supposed to go to an afternoon or evening visit to Addo and I would suggest this not necessary, as we saw all they had to offer in the day trip. We did especially enjoy the Meercats, the visit to Cango Wildlife Ranch, the walk with the Cheetah, and elephants. The reason being there were options there for hands on activities that you do not get elsewhere (outside of Africa).

The accommodations were fine and I am usually fussy, especially when it comes to hot weather.

The travelling was fine, we knew the distances involved when we agreed to the itinerary, and were happy with this aspect too.

The food. What can I say, this was well over our expectations. We could not have hoped for better, given that we were travelling the whole time, what a great job.

Your forte is in the planning and catering which was excellent.

However, for organization and food, we would be happy to provide recommendations, bringing it back into perspective that this was the best holiday we ever had.


Alan & Yvonne Weiden

We had an unforgettable trip to South Africa.

Jack helped patiently with my 1000 + 1 questions when planning the trip and helped me organizing a perfect trip tailor-made to our needs.

Not only did he manage to figure out what we really want, he also gave the advise what to ad and where to cut out. He joined our Safari and made great and tasty food - even during Pessach!

His presence is more than pleasant and client service outstanding.

Jack is perfectly organized, always available, follow up and makes you comfortable- and all that at the most competitive pricing !!

And if you think to leave Cape Town out - don't and for sure take the Peninsula Tour.

Ask Jack for details

Uri, Adina, Meir, Jossi and Baby Elisha Krausz

Dear Jack,
Well, we all unpacked and returned to work and to school with visions of giraffes and impalas and all the beautiful sights and sounds we experienced in S.A. still fresh in our minds. 

Thank you, Jack, for giving us such a remarkable vacation.  We ALL loved it, from 4 year old Gabi to 83 year old George.  Every detail was perfectly thought out and we are so appreciative.

Would be happy to recommend you to any prospective clients.

Best wishes,

Sharon, Weldon and the kids.

December 2006


We know you will enjoy your time with us so on your return drop us an email and tell us about your experience.

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